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Russian courses

With more and more Russian-speaking people living in Cyprus, speaking Russian is a major bonus.  Indeed, whether in the business world or in social life, those who are able to communicate in Russian have an incredible advantage.
If your work or social life necessitates that you speak Russian, come and join our Beginners Russian course, and start enjoying the benefits of knowing this widely spoken language.  The added advantage of studying Russian in Cyprus is the fact that you will have no problem finding people to practice with since there are thousands of Russian-speaking people living among us.
The course offers an introduction to Russian with such topics as introductions, family, work, hobbies, everyday activities, useful everyday phrases, getting around in town, time and holidays etc.
The book for the course is Русский язык: 5 Элементов A1, however, there will be additional materials distributed from other sources.


The Russian Language Course can help you

  • Enhance your business and personal profile if you are dealing with Russian clients;

  • ​Optimize your learning potential since the courses cater to your individual learning needs;

  • Start communicating in Russian or enhance your knowledge of the language, and thus achieve your personal and business linguistic goals;

  • Feel a sense of belonging in a community of language learners;

  • Feel more confident when you speak.


Our Russian courses are offered as One on One at a time that suits you.


Admission and Fees

Course fees are paid upfront. Private classes are charged per hour

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