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English courses

We offer Business English and General English Courses.

Our Business English Courses are especially designed to help you communicate better at your workplace.  With the business world relying more and more on English, many of us find ourselves lacking confidence in using English effectively.  Even those of us who have studied in Anglophone countries often feel the need for more in-depth knowledge of the language or practice in written and oral use of the language. Our courses are designed to address all of these needs.  
By asking you to take a free of charge placement test, we ensure that you are placed at the right level, optimizing thus your on-task time and maximizing your learning.
Focusing more on the actualities of the business world, we provide courses that offer value for money since you can start applying your newly acquired knowledge immediately.  Our courses help you write more accurately, address clients and colleagues more confidently and, thus, save you time wasted in looking up simple things.
All courses are tailor-made to meet your specific needs, be it for banking, accounting, law or medicine. 

Our General English Courses aim at helping you in your everyday communication.  It is true that most of us have gone through years of English courses at school that focused way too much on grammar and little on communication; that is why many of us feel reluctant to speak today.  Our courses will help you regain your confidence by ensuring plenty of practice of the actual phrases used in everyday communication. 

Course schedule 2023

Apart from the group courses below, our English courses are offered as One on One at a time that suits you.


Monday & Friday 12.00-1.30pm


Monday & Friday 10.30am-12.00pm

Business English Workshops


In addition to our Business English Courses, we also offer Writing Workshops both at our premises and at your office(s). 
Favourite topics include:
•    The English Grammar and Punctuation Workshop
•    The English Tenses and their Correct Use Workshop
•    The Passive Voice and its Use Workshop

The workshops are 4-6 hours long, and they address issues that are encountered in Business (but also everyday) written communication. The workshops are offered upon demand, and they include an optional personalised follow-up with feedback on the participant's original work or on a case-study.  
Call us on 99 963 038 to arrange a workshop for your company or small group.  

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Admission and Fees

Course fees are paid upfront. Private classes are charged per hour

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