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Greek courses

At Cosmopolis Language Centre we teach our Greek language courses in regular groups, small groups as well as private one-on-one classes. 
In addition to the courses that are offered at our premises in the centre of Nicosia, we are happy to provide language courses at your office, home, or any other place of preference.
Our courses are offered for all levels both online and at our premises, depending on student preference and the current measures against Covid 19, as issued by the government.  Because we believe in the power of everyday communication, our Greek courses entail frequent references to the Greek-Cypriot dialect so that our students are comfortable with what is spoken in their everyday environment. 
See the table below for more information on the levels.

Levels available as group courses or private classes


Greek schedule


This level is for all those who would like to either pass an exam for being eligible to apply for a government post, or for those who want to strengthen their Greek to such a level that would allow them to have a competitive edge in the business world.  Using the Book ‘ΚΛΙΚ Γ1’ the book delves deeply into the nuances of Greek. 

Course schedule

New A1 course starting June 2023. To register, contact

A1 online

Times to be arranged


Wednesday & Friday 10.30-12.00


Tuesday & Thursday 10.30-12.00

Tuesday & Thursday 18.30-20.00


Monday & Wednesday 06.45-08.15


Monday & Wednesday 18.30-20.00

Tuesday & Thursday 9.00-10.30

Monday & Wednesday 10.30-12

B2.1 online

Monday & Wednesday 18:30-20:00

A2+ online

Tuesday & Thursday 07.15-08.45

C1 online

Thursday 18:30-19.30

All the above group courses are also offered as private (one on one) or small group courses (2-3 people who come as a group). 

The following levels are available as private classes or small groups only


This advanced level is offered as private courses for independent study for various professionals such as lawyers, doctors etc.

Admission and Fees

Course fees are paid upfront. When paid in instalments there is an admin fee. Private classes are charged per hour. 

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