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Where can I find your schedule?

Our schedule is found under courses for each respective course.

What is the price per term for Group Courses?

Our Group Courses are generally offered every term.  Each term is spread over 15 weeks, and it entails two 1.5 hour-long lessons per week (45 hours in total).  The price is 390 euro paid upfront. 

What kind of diploma will I receive?

At the end of each Group Course, students can request a certificate of attendance or a certificate of success (after taking an exam).  For obtaining certificates for official purposes (residence permit, work permit etc.), students need to sit the state exam which is offered once or twice a year depending on the level.  All of our courses are in line with the state exams and can adequately prepare you for them.  

Are the classes held at Cosmopolis or Online?

We offer the possibility for both.  In the event of measures against Covid 19 issued by the government, all on-site classes revert to online.

Can I get my level assessed before I sign up for a course?

Can I visit your premises?

Yes, you can get your level assessed free of charge.  This will help us place you in the right level. The placement test can be done online or in person. Call us to arrange an appointment.

Absolutely! You can pay us a visit to discuss your learning plan and objectives over a cup of coffee. You can view the premises and ask any questions you would like, just make sure to arrange an appointment with the Head of Studies on 97 871 211 beforehand.

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